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Time to work and take care the children

April 16, 2013

Did you have had time to appreciate the simple things of life like play with your kids or maybe to speak a long long time with them about nothing so important?

Or did you have had time only to work and work and your slogan is “work above all”?

Nowadays it´s possible observe that people are so busy and worried about how to be more and more productive at work that they are forgetting to give attention to their family.

What´s wrong with it? Well, we saw a lot of depressed people and children being raised by nannies or grandmothers because parents can´t “waste time” with their education.

Our globalized world brought a range of facilities but big troubles like depression, dissatisfaction and lonely children.

In the book “Society of Fatherless Children” Sérgio Sinai writer and sociologist said that this parents´ absence is creating materialistic and problematic kids.

He explain that the reason of drug addiction, youth violence and others risk behaviors are precisely the lack of dialogue and dedication and he also defends the idea that: “If there isn´t time, there isn´t quality” and complements: “To get quality at any task is necessary time, commitment and dedication”.

So if you are a workaholic people it´s time to change this now! Think about your daily habits and about what you can do to improve the relationship with your kids.

Everyone wins with this change: you´ll really see your children growing and with it they´ll become responsible and happy adults.

Think about it!

– Interview with Sérgio Sinai about his book “Society of Fatherless Children” at Época Magazine.

Alessandra S. M. de Freitas


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