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Last weekend

April 17, 2013

I was dining at a friend’s house with others. Talking about past events, funny stories, strange moments and some nostalgic as well. By this time Diego tells the funniest story, of a time that we had not known each other yet.

Diego was spending a few days in a cousin’s house. One night his cousin was sleep earlier while Diego and other boys stayed in the hall playing video game.

Nobody knew that Diego’s cousin was a sleepwalker, even Diego.

Late at night, they hear the door opening, Diego’s cousin walks across the room and one of the guys asks:

         What’s up man?

Diego’s cousin walks to the shelf, takes a small toy carbine and respond:

         I’m going to war!

         What??? – They say looking each other completely confused.

Diego‘s cousin walks up to the door, by checking it is locked, back to his father room and knocks at the door.

         Boy! What do you want at this time?

         Dad, I’m going to war!

         For sure, I will lead you to war.

Calm and peaceful, his father takes him back to bed.

On the following day, the guys couldn’t disguise the pride and satisfaction of having a truly patriotic friend, and greeted him bursting out laughing.

Fagner A. Nunes


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