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The life in the countryside is another life

May 14, 2013

I was lucky to seize a bit of that life.

For almost every childhood I vacationed at my grandparents’ house, usually one month per year.
Particularly their house was far from everything, there was only a grocery nearby and some neighbors who were all related, most were cousins ​​and siblings of my grandparents.

However, it is a place with some privileges.
The air is fresh and clean, as the water that sometimes flows between stones or artesian wells.
The land is slightly higher than the surroundings, the sky is clear, the wind is strong.

Even the rain is different, usually at night, with strong wind gusts. The following day you wake up and know which direction the wind was blowing just seeing the direction that the tree point.

The darkest nights are the countryside nights, with low moonlight when you have the luck of have it full.

You can have the best of both worlds in those nights. The environment allows better visualization, from the horizon up brightness from the stars, from the horizon down the city lights.

Without the city noise, you find sounds that you never imagined. You hear the animals, plants, yourself, even silence you hear.

Country Life tastes natural juice, orange, lemon, mango, watermelon.

Homemade pasta, food prepared in the wood stove and roasted pine nuts on the plate.

Smells of land, forest and childhood.

Fagner A. Nunes


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